Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Storms

A big storm went threw Michigan yesterday, all was fine here all we got was heavy rain and a lot of wind. The girls were nervous because there were tornado warnings, but once it cleared up we didn't think about the storm at all, the girls and I even went out to the pool for a late afternoon swim. When we came inside, we sat down to watch some t.v. that is when we learned about all the storm damage. We were flipping threw the channels when we paused on Channel 12 (our local abc channel) they were showing pictures of the storm damage.

Then they were talking about the Tractor Supply Company in Fenton being hit by an unconfirmed tornado. My cousin Katie works at the TSC in Fenton. So we watched and sure enough, she was at work when the store was hit. Nobody was hurt thank God. The reporter interviewed Katie, and they showed the store. That is when I got a little freaked out. Katie and some other employees ran for the bathroom, when the ceiling began to fall. When they showed the picture of the store, the building (up to the bathroom door) was destroyed. Talk about a close call.

Also hit bad was Hadley Township in Lapeer. That is were Grandma B lives. Dan, Kevin, and the girls went over today. Grandma lives alone, Grandpa B lives in a nursing home due to a stroke, he suffered years ago. She was all alone last night, and I feel so horrible about it. Grandma and Grandpa B would do anything for anyone and I feel so bad that Grandma was all alone during a tornado. The damage in Grandma's yard consists a huge tree, that was blown down and a bunch of shingles from the neighbors house.

If your reading this and you pray, please send up some prayers for all the people who's homes were severely damaged in the storm.


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