Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to school.

I just got home from taking the girls to school. They did great, I think Rebecca was a little overwhelmed by the upper elementary, but she will adjust fine. She has never had a locker with a combination before, so I hope she gets the hang of that, but her locker and Alyssa's locker are in the same hall, so I hope Alyssa will help her little sister out if she needs it.

Rebecca's teacher Mrs. Fitzpatrick is really nice. Her father is the Head of Security, at the hospital and his office is next to mine.
Alyssa's teacher is her same teacher from last year. Yep, Mrs. Goldstein moved up to 5th grade too. She is so fun, I am so glad Alyssa got her this year.

Brianna's teacher seemed really nice, Mrs. K. This is Brianna's first year at NB Elementary. She went to Sweet School for Kindergarten and first grade, but Sweet school was closed last year. The building was just too old.

We had a little trouble finding her class room. It's on the third floor. Alyssa and Becca went to NB elementary since kindergarten, and the third floor has always been closed, but with merging all the Sweet school students to the NBE, they opened it.

Let me tell you NBE is also a very old building and the stairs freaked me out last year when Becca was on the 2nd floor, now Bree is on the third. That's three flights of stairs to fall down. I know they make the kids hold on to the railing when using the stairs, but I still worry.

here are some pictures from this morning, please ignore our neglected back yard. With all the

building and the addition of the pool and the fact that Dan, although he is to busy, will not let me near the new tractor. So the back yard is getting over grown.

I also have to add that Alyssa and I had a ....ummm...I'll call it a discussion about her hair. It is suppose to look like that, and it is cool, and she reminded me that if she had a hair straightener it wouldn't look like that. Poor girl she gets her hair from my side of the family, naturally wavy, you can brush it a million times and it will still look like a mess.


Jolene said...

Wow, they get big fast, don't they? Love their posed shots...can't wait to see you scrap them!

Tam said...

Angie your daughters are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see these pictures on your LOs!!!

Chris said...

beautiful children. love the blog topper