Saturday, September 15, 2007

We are all freaked out..

I would like to address some of the questions we are being bombarded with ever sinse the news came out about Alyssa and Rebecca's school.

Yes, the boy with the pistol was in Alyssa's class.

No, she didn't see the gun.

Are we happy with the way Mrs. Goldstien handled it?
Yes, any person in there right mind would need 1/2 an hour at least after finding a gun and bullets in thier students pencil case. The substitute that took over was great Alyssa said.
The students didn't really realize what was going on.

Are we happy with the way the school handled the situation?
Yes, if I would have gotten a call in the middle of the day that a boy in Alyssa's class had a gun. I would have rushed right up there and got the girls out of class and taken them home. I think alot of parents would have reacted that way and then there would have been pure caos, and I think that would have upset the kids more.

Everyone is fine and nobody got hurt. (just breath mom the girls are safe and sound)

What is the story on boy? The gun is his Grandmothers. I only know what was said about him on the news. Alyssa told me he is new and had only been at school for 2 days.

How am I going to feel about sending them back to school Monday? Honestly I'm trying not to think about it. I am really freaked out about this, out here in the country, you think your kids are safe, then somthing like this comes and knocks you for a loop. Where are our children safe anymore?

The gun insident isn't why we chose to not go up to the cabin this weekend, Dan has to work that is why.


NancyJones said...

OMG I would be freaked out tooo!!!!! BLess her heart! BLESS YOUR HEART! IM a worrier too so I understand girl I dont know if Id be ok monday either lol

Jolene said...

OMGosh!! I hadn't heard about this, let alone knew it happened in your daughter's class. I am so thankful that everyone is ok. Be strong as you look ahead to each new day, it's a tough world out there!

TanishaRenee said...

OMG how scary! The state in which our world is in today is so sad. It sounds like everything was handled wonderfully, glad you DD is OK!