Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The joy of school work.

I enjoy going threw my children's work that they bring home from school. I hang good test grades on the frig, hang art work all over the place. I want them to know that I appreciate
what they do all day. I want them to have confidence in everything they do, even grades that
aren't so good, but they truly put effort in the work and did their best. This week was a first for me though. This week I took one of Alyssa's assignments and turned it into this.

The assignment was to list things that you are thankful for, grateful for, and appreciative of. Alyssa's teacher was touched by her answers and so was I. I did cover up one of the teachers marks she had left on the page, but I didn't completely cover what she had written on the top of the page. This will be sitting on our little table, by our entry way so everyone who comes to Thanksgiving dinner can see it.

I can't share one daughters wonderful works without sharing something from my other daughters. So here is a glimpse at a book Brianna is working on at school.


Here we are in a car.

Here I am, I sure don't look happy.

This page is my favorite.

This piece of art have been hanging in my Kitchen for over a year. I plan on buying a frame for it, but just haven't yet. Rebecca painted this beautiful picture of the Mackinac Bridge. She did an awesome job.

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