Saturday, December 8, 2007


I saw this on Karen Russell's blog a few days ago. It pretty much explains how I have been feeling.

This was post at the Shack

Click on it and you can get your Grinch name. Mine is Bleakgrinch Rascalnoggin, and that also fits this week. Bleak, that is a word that I would never use to describe anything, but that is a perfect description of how I am feeling. I'm sure next week I'll be on top of the world, I hate being on this emotional roller coater.

Today we are suppose to go get our Christmas tree, so that will probably cheer me up. Also I have 4 free movie passes from work (yay me I'm a good employee) so maybe we will go catch a movie later.

Also please say a prayer for Dan's step-father he is in the hospital.

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