Monday, December 31, 2007


The last day of 2007 is here. A lot of good things happened in 2007, also some bad. All and all I am happy that it is over. Bring on 2008! I hope it is the best year yet for everyone.

As promised here are some pictures from all of our Christmas activities.

December 23, Christmas with Grandpa B.

Grandpa B

Our adorable niece Molly.

Dan's Mom, Aunt Deb, and G-pa.

December 24, Christmas with Grandma L.

Grandma L.


Grandma has the best sledding hills.

Tatter and seesa aka Taylor and Alyssa.

December 25!

The best day of the year!

What were you expecting beautiful pictures of my girls opening
beautifully wrapped gifts?
Me too :(
Lets just say I got caught up in all the excitment of
the morning. I did snap a few but the lighting in our livingroom

See ya next year!

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