Monday, December 3, 2007

One Little Word (Live).

The word for OLW is Live. I think it is a fantastic word, but I hadn't planned on doing a layout for it. Life is just so crazy right now. I didn't think I would find time to do this.

What changed?

Well I was getting so stressed at work, I just had to sneak some scrapping supplies in to the office Sunday. I decided the MSDS project that is driving me crazy, all the forms and the copying that needs to be done could wait for Monday. Besides, I don't think anyone should work
hard on a Sunday. Of course, I'm sure my boss wouldn't agree. Anyway after getting some GDT things finished, I came across a picture of Alyssa, that had gotten put in with my paper. It was taken when she was about 7.

In the picture she is miserable. It was funny hat day at school, she got a little to excited had a little too much fun and ended up with a migraine. It only lasted that day, but Alyssa has been struggling with these severe headaches for years, ever since she was 5. If she gets hot, cold, smells a certain smell, gets over excited, gets too tired, or sometimes just because, she gets a headache. The worst one was when she was 5 it lasted 10 days. In those 10 days she was in the ER once (because of the headache), she had an MRI, a CATScan, a lot of blood drawn for various tests, and 4 Dr. appointments. All I think contributed to the headache, making it last longer, but I was sure I was a brain tumor, or something, so it was good the tests were done. She was finally diagnosed with Ethmoid sinus disease, and migraines. Off and on for the past 5 years she has had migraines that have lasted 3 days a the most.

Today is day 4 of the current headache. We just got back from the Dr.'s office and are hoping that she will not have to miss her first band concert, which is tomorrow. Seeing her back in misery then finding the picture, inspired (Not sure that is the right word) me to scrap this layout. I'm sure we would all love to ignore that bad stuff in life, but we can't, so we might as well scrap it.



Lynn said...

Great layout! I hope the headaches get better!


Jolene said...

Wow, what a great layout. Hope she's doing better!

Chris said...

this is a beautiful lo! awesome journaling!!!!!!!!

Amanda Kay said...

Great page. great journaling. I know exactly what your little girl is going through. i have been plagued with headaches since i was 6 yrs old.