Thursday, January 3, 2008

My top 10 of 2007.

Amanda over at Creative Scrap Shack, has post her favorite 10 layouts of 2007 on her blog and challenged us to do the same. I'm sure these are all in my slide show, but I wanted to post them anyway and share with you why they are my favorite.

1. My Prince Charming

I really love how this one turned out. It was based on a sketch Ali Edwards did for pencil lines. I love that picture of Dan, it is from our vacation,we were sitting on the beach watching the sunset, then I jumped up and snapped a picture of him.

2. Perfect in Polka Dots

I love these pictures of Rebecca, and all the orange on this layout, I went a little overboard with the inking, and at the time wasn't sure I was going to like this layout, but I do.

3. (untitled)

This was my first time working with a 12 x12 transparency. I love fancy pants transparencies.

Alyssa: Why are you taking a picture of my feet?

Mom: Because they use to fit in the palm of my hand.

4. One more time.

This one makes me laugh, I can remember the day these pictures were taken so well. We were at Todd and Janna's and I kept telling Brianna to stay out of the mud, she didn't listen, then got angry when I started snapping pictures.


I just really love this picture of Rebecca and the big orange Prima flower.

6.Heart full.

I have about a million pictures of Alyssa and Rebecca at this age. At this time I was a SAHM, ahh the good old days. In 2008 I am going to get a lot more of these old pictures scrapped.

6. Owl girl.

This one is simple, but I love the color of the CS and The picture of Alyssa in her cool sunglasses and owl shirt.

7. Remember

I was so excited when my mom gave me these old photos of my grandparent and some of her older siblings.

8. A glimpse into her life.

I like this one because the picture really captures this stage in Alyssa's life. The Tween years, her bedroom behind her has cloths thrown all over and her bed is a total mess. She refused to sleep with a sheet on her bed, which drove me nuts. In the past couple of months she has become better at keeping her room clean, thank goodness.

9. Sweetheart
This one I did for a challenge at Rocky Mountain Hobbies, we had a list of things to choose from to use on our layouts, candy wrapper was one of the things I chose to use. I got to be GDT because of this lo. I love how it turned out colorful and fun.

10. Funny I have to be honest, at first I didn't like how this turned out. Then there was a call for layouts using polka dots and so I sent this one in and it turned out to be 1 of 2 things of mine published in 2007. The picture is my favorite part though, we were at the gift shop at Castle Rock (we were on vacation with Dans family) and we had already climbed up to the top of the rock. We were waiting on some of the others that were still up on Castle rock and some were still shopping in the gift shop and the girls found this huge table of funny hats and that entertained them until everyone was ready to leave.


Amanda L. said...

these are all great...I love the transparency one the best!!! Thanks for taking the challenge.

Kimberly said...

great lo's Angie!!! I love this idea!!!!
I love you 6x12 and 12x6 lo's!!!!

Martha said...

I loved looking at all your layouts! There are so many good ones, but I think my favorite is your polka dot one.

Jolene said...

Your choices are awesome! I still love that one with the equation. ;^)

twinsand2boys said...

That layout on the transparency rocks!!!