Thursday, February 21, 2008

My little guy.

First of all this little guy (okay not so little) RAWKS! This for is my nephew Ty, he is the coolest kid.
I'm such a dork, you know how you and your husband or boyfriend have a song. I have a song with everyone, LOL. Okay not everyone but there are so many songs out there that just tell a special story and the song your hearing now is me and Ty's song. I even created a layout
using these lyrics as journaling.

Love is a crazy emotion, you expect it to feel happy and good. It's a great emotion, right? Sometimes it makes you feel heartsick and helpless, when you can't make things right. If I could change this whole world for you Ty I would. You are one tough kid and I will always be here for

I love you dude!

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