Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow pictures, Layouts, and the Big FAT truth

12 inches of snow,plus 2 to 4 more expected by morning. Here are some pictures, not good ones, I still have to fiddle around with the settings for snow pictures.
Okay the first one is my snow angel, I love this picture I can barley believe I took it. Rebecca is sensative to heat and doesn't enjoy summer as much as the other kids, but winter is her season.

Brianna watched as Mr. Running plowed the driveway. Then when he was finished she rushed out to check out the piles of snow he left.

Cookie and Rebecca spent more time outside than anyone else. They love the snow!
Dan took them for a walk this afternoon and cookie went onto the creek and fell threw the ice. He is got out alright and wasn't hurt.
Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. The first one is from our visit to Binder Park Zoo last summer. I did it for Martha's February Challenge. The challenge is to use 2 of the same picture on a layout.
I cut Alyssa and the wallaby out of the photo to use as embellies.

I cut out the words framed them blue cs and used them as the title.
And there it is.
As far as a Salmon, that is how far Alyssa can jump. In case you were wondering ;) I am going to add hidden journaling.
This one I did earlier in the week. We came across this picture of Grandma and Grandpa B, while looking for pictures of Rebecca (she is star of the week at school). I did this for the Scrap me and pass it on Challenge.
We are having a lot of fun at Creative Scrap Shack, you should come join us.
I didn't have the right color Alpha stickers or CB, so I found stickers with a font I liked, stuck them down and used my red Bic Mark it to color over them, I wan't sure if it would turn out alright when I was doing it, but I'm pleased with the result.
I used stickles in some of the flower centers,

and these mini buttons that look like pig noses.
Here is my finished layout. I really like the colors.
The BIG FAT truth.
I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. My weight loss program isn't going so well, I get
sidtracked a lot. I try to walk everyday, but I come up with excuses sometimes. So I have posted a weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog for all the world to see and I am going to try and post how far I walk each day (I walked today but didn't have my pedometer). Knowing that you can see my progress or lack there of, I think will help me to be more determined and less likely to make excusses.


twinsand2boys said...

Great pictures and layout. BTW, we have the same taste in music. I leave your blog on after I look just so I can listen to your playlist LOL. I may have to figure out how to add that to my blog.

Carol A. said...

Wonderful snow pics Angie and your snow angel is just beautiful. Love your layouts are on a roll!