Friday, March 14, 2008

Awesome mail day!

Actually so far today has been an Awesome day period. The sun is shining and it's about 50 degrees outside. Today started out as usual, wake the girls up, help them find clothes that are sitting right in their dresser, get them to the bus stop. Then Dan and I went out to breakfast, that was nice. Then had to stop at wally world, then we had to go to my most favorite store HOME DEPOT, and then something amazing happened, Dan suggested we go to Kohls! He hates Kohls, I love Kohls. LOL. So we went to Kohls and Sport Authority is right next to Kohls, so we had to stop there. He has to get prepared for softball season. I tried to talk him into getting a pink hat, but he wouldn't. I secretly hope this year his softball team gets the pink shirts, he has been lucky so far, getting blue. It was an all around nice morning spent with my wonderful husband.

Then before we pulled into the driveway I got the mail and guess what was crammed into the mailbox.

A huge RAK from Rusty Pickle. I love Rusty Pickle, I was totally surprised.

Jill posted a Rusty Pickle challenge at CSS, a while back and I make a layout for it. I think that could be the reason I got the RAK! I am so excited. Jill has another Rusty Pickle challenge posted at CSS, and I didn't think I would be able to participate because I am running low on Scrapping supplies. Now there is no reason for me to not create something. Plus there is a challenge up on the Rusty Pickle blog. Yipeeee!

I checked my email just a minute ago too, and I got an email from Vicki Chrisman, confirming

that I get to participate in this. I am so excited! A little intimidated tho, Vicki's work is off the chart beautiful!

I know it doesn't sound like an extraordinary day, but it has been for me. We have been so stressed lately. The last layoff at Dan's shop, put him low on seniority, and he is now making $2.00 + less an hour. Now there is a rumor of another layoff. I know its rough all over, but Michigan is getting slammed, there are no jobs, and prices are going up. So today has been good, we decided not to stress, and just enjoy the sunshine, and wandering around the stores. Good think too, my godsmack cd is about worn out, I don't know why but heavy metal helps me deal with stress.

Have a great day!

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