Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My phone call and some softball and scrapbooking talk.

I got to talk to this handsome fella, on the phone tonight.

And here is how the conversation went.
Tyler: I haven't seen you in like 3 months.
Me: No way, it couldn't be that long.
Tyler: Your right, its been two and a half months.
Me: I'm sorry buddy, I miss you guys so much.
Tyler: I miss you too. You know if I was home schooled I would get to see you a lot more.
(That probably isn't true, but I didn't tell him that.)
Me: We will have to get together and do something on my next day off.
Tyler: I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off of school.
Me:(starting to tear up) I have to work, I'm sorry honey.

Insert lots of talking about video games, school and other things 12 year olds like to talk about.

Tyler: Well, my mom said I have to get off the phone, so I guess I'll see you whenever.
Me: I promise the next time I have a day off, we will do something. I love you.

Me = worst aunt in the world:(

I also talked to these little sweeties.

and my brother their daddy.

I didn't get to talk to Taylor, who after weeks of being very sick, has returned to school, or Lauren who, I actually called to talk to.

Draft night was tonight, for softball, and I wanted to tell Lauren, that she was going to be on Uncle Dans team this year. She wanted to be on his team, but they didn't allow parents to request coaches this year.

I got a little scrapbooking and card making done today, but of the 3 things I have made, I can only share 1 (which I will try and post tomorrow.) My card will be posted on Vicki Chrismans blog, on March 2o, and I will post it here after that.

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