Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's a sad day.

I am very sad to say that today is the last day for Creative Scrap Shack. I have made such wonderful friends there and I will miss you all. I hope to see all my Creative Scrap Shack Sista's on other boards. So Css girls where are you going? Leave me a link if you have another great board that you hang out at, and maybe I'll join you.

Hugs Angie
aka - Fluffy Girdletush


Morgan said...

Angie, there's a new forum!!!

We're waiting for you ;)

Vicki C said...

That is sad! I'm always here for ya! lol
I dont know how much hybrid scrapping you do, but we'd sure love to have you join us over at Scrapbook Dimensions

twinsand2boys said...

sorry your scrappy hangout has closed and your friends are always welcome at Happy Scrappin Scrapbooking!