Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I made it, I didn't spill the beans about Kevin and Nikki. I am not the worlds best secret keeper, when it comes to something as exciting as this. A couple of weeks ago Kevin ask his girlfriends daughters for permission to marry their mom. They said YES! and so did she! They were waiting for Grandpa's Birthday Party to tell everyone. I don't think we were even suppose to know, but our girls are really close with their girls and they told them. Then our girls told us. I am so geeked! I love Nikki and her girls.

They were sharing some of their wedding plans with us, OMG their wedding is going to ROCK! I can't wait.


Today was Grandpa B's Birthday!

The Party was at his nursing home. The weather was suppose to be rainy, but I turned out to be a beautiful day. Here are some pictures.

Dan was the Chef and troublemaker of the day.

I love the garden at LCMF where Grandpa lives. Rebecca and Aleah liked wandering threw the garden.

I can never get a cute picture of my nephew Justin. This picture I took of Justin and Jakers is pretty darn adorable though. You can't see his face, but just look at those eyes.
Brianna and Sidney
The kids had so much fun.
Alyssa and Rebecca trying to avoid getting their picture taken. Rebecca is holding a cow bell in front of her face and Alyssa was hiding behind her, but I snapped the picture when she peeked out.

Aunt Denise brought lots of bubbles for all the kids. My sweet niece Molly.

And my sweet husband Dan, who enjoys blowing bubbles as much as the next guy. LOL

He was actually showing Molly how to hold up your wand and let the wind blow the bubbles.

Molly and Grandma.
Here are a few more pictures from the garden.


Saturday Dan, My Brother Joe, Nephew Tyler, Kevin and Nikki went to Milan to the races. Everyone met at our house early Saturday morning. Tyler looked so handsome, (Dan had already had the camera loaded into the Blazer) I asked Dan to make sure and get at least one picture of Tyler.

He took some cool pictures

But non of Tyler.

Alyssa had a birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon. Brianna had a Gift Card burning a hole in her pocket, that she got for her birthday. So we dropped Alyssa off at her friends house and headed for the store. (Grandma,Brianna bought a Littlest Pet Shop VIP, A bathing suit, A bead kit with a loom, and Sun catcher kit with her Birthday $ thank you) After we picked Alyssa up, we had dinner with Jesse (Joe's wife) and the girls. It was nice, we never get together and have a girls night.

I guess that is all I have to share for today!

I hope your Memorial Day was wonderful!

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