Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a good day :)

It's rainy today, but that is okay.

It's the girls last day of school. hoorayy!
Check out Vicki Chrisman's blog I can't believe I won!
Vicki has the best giveaways, and her art is awsome.


Deb said...

Angie, that is so exciting! Congrats girlie!!!

Chris said...

wahooo congrats!!!!

Vicki C said...

Oh, thanks Angie.. so glad you won. You said you sent your addy, but I havent recived it??? I was also going to tell you, I may not get to mail your box until I get back from working the TX show next week...hope that's ok? Have a great weekend!

Jolene said...

Whohoo, enjoy! Have fun with the girls this summer, too.