Sunday, May 11, 2008

The weekend is over.

The weekend is over, (sigh). I'm already counting down the days until the next one. I think I can sum up my weekend in one sentence. I LOVE MY LIFE. It is the complete opposite life I had planned on. I was going to be a very successful architect. I was going to live in New York City. But I ended up living in Silverwood Michigan, population 1,107. In fact in Silverwood Michigan people are out numbered by cows 3 to 1, and I have a very boring job that I'm not to fond of at LRMC. BUT, I love my life.

Friday, we went shopping and let Brianna pick out her Bike. (one of her B-day presents). We had a few things Dan needed to pick up for the Softball team too. Then we ended up at Todd and Janna's house for a bon fire. Janna's family was there and Kevin and Nikki came and I had a great time just talking to everyone and hanging out. I love that even though Janna was the only one who grew up in this area, we all ended up here. Dan and I, both of his brothers and my brother and we all seem to get closer and closer. I love that my girls have so many cousins that live so close. YES, Sidney and Aleah that includes you two. I love that my brother Joe's kids call Dan's brothers Uncle.

Saturday was Brianna's Birthday party we just had a small party. Dan's brothers and their families and my brother and his family and of course our parents. We gave our mothers their flowers and Mother's day cards, because we weren't going to see them on Sunday. Here is Brianna smelling the flowers before giving them to Diane.

I love this picture I never get a picture of Tyler and Taylor together. Can you see why everyone thinks they are twins.

Miss Bree and her new bike.

It was such a nice day, we decided a canoe ride was in order. The water is only 2 feet deep, which makes it hard to go far, but it was fun.
Kevin, Sidney and Aleah led the way.

And no visit to our house is ever complete with out a little softball.

Sunday: Mother's Day was great, it was rainy all day, so we just stayed home and relaxed, the girls even got along with each other today. We watched Dan In Real Life again tonight. It's not the best movie I've seen, but it's about family, and I think that is what got me all nostalgic and mushy about family. Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back to scrapbooking tomorrow. ;)

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