Monday, June 2, 2008

Productive weekend and some music randomness.

The high point of having an incredibly boring job that you hate, is sneaking scrapping supplies into work on the weekends when its slow, and scrapping like a mad woman.

Here are my creations from the weekend.

Love Love Love YOU

(based on Pencil lines sketch 86)

(sniff, sniff, she will be 11 on friday)



Scrap me and pass it on #12 @ CSL

First Day of 2nd Grade

Tabby's circle challenge @ CSL

Journaling: This picture of Bree Bree was taken on the first day of school by Mrs. K. It was put on the outside of her locker for the first couple of weeks of school. Then Bree put it on the inside of her locker. Every time I saw it during the school year I'd ask her if I could bring it home and scrap it. The answer was always, not until the last day of school.

Dream Big

This weeks sketch @ Creative Scrappers

Wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea of using these BG stickers as wings but I got idea from Layle Koncar's blog.



(for Alyssa because her BFF moved away)

Thanks for taking a peek at my layouts. :)


A little musical randomness

I'm a good girl (most of the time) I just like bad girl music. LOL. Actually I love all types of music.

Check it out Sully is going to be at the Soaring Eagle Casino on the 27th. I would love to go, not sure how he is going to sound without the rest of godsmack though.

Seether is my favorite right now. I love the sound of Shaun Morgan's voice.

I'm also liking Serj Tankia right now too. His song the sky is over is awesome.

Okay so there is the heavier stuff, but I also love love love the Andrews sisters and the music I have playing on my blog. I love music and that is something a lot of people don't know about me. So now you know.

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Jenelle said...

Wonderful work Angie!