Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Setting some goals, getting use to not being liked (kinda)

Okay first things first. I am setting a few new scrapbooking goals for myself. Nothing to big and overwhelming like I usually do and then burn out. Nope I'm setting 3 simple little goals for myself.

1. Remember the sketches I posted earlier this week? My first goal is to create layouts based on those sketches. I sketch layouts all the time, and hardly ever use my own sketches as basis for layouts. I use other peoples sketches all the time though.

2. Submit more, I submit about 4 layouts every 3 or 4 months and usually 1 or 2 get picked up. I'd like to submit more and see what happens.

3. Get more pictures of Rebecca. She will not let me take a good picture of her. She always has to make an angry face or put her hand in front of her face. The girl is beautiful, I don't get it? I may have to start bribing her.

I got a couple of pictures of her today. I have to admit I like them both. Love the bottom one, and will be scrapping them, in fact I already have the prints ordered. She did get a little to much sun over the weekend but she looks a lot redder in the pictures than IRL.


Well Dan and I have finally done it, we have made to that point in our lives where our children don't like us anymore. Okay, they don't like me more than they don't like Dan, but they aren't very pleased with him either.

Alyssa was asked to play for the All Star softball team again this year, but we are going to be out of town for some of the games and Dan had to say no.

A friend of Alyssa's invited her to go to the Ally and AJ concert this weekend and I had to say no.

We had to tell Brianna she couldn't get a kitten even though they were free and she is really upset with us too.

Rebecca still likes us though :) And we should get some points for letting Alyssa go home with Taylor when Taylors mom drove up to pick her up. Especially since it means I'll be in the car all day tomorrow driving down to pick her up.

Gotta go I promised Rebecca we would watch a movie together, see told ya she still likes us.

Have a great day, hug your kids!

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