Thursday, June 5, 2008

We interupt this softball game for a tornado!

It had been raining off and on all day. Around 1:00 this afternoon we had a rumble of thunder and some lightning. It started clearing up around 4:00, and the girls softball game didn't start until 6:30.

The game started, we were first at bat. Alyssa hit a double, which I missed because I was chatting with my MIL. So when Rebecca was up at bat I made sure and got some pictures. I had planned on getting some pictures of Alyssa at bat next time around. At the top of the second inning it began to rain. Then the tornado siren went off.

The girls friend Hannah lives near the school and rode her bike to the game. This was the first game her parents weren't there. Usually her dad helps out at the games. Hannah was very upset so we threw her bike in the blazer and smushed the girls in the back seat. Then we sat in the parking lot while cars were bumper to bumper trying to get out of there. Hannah could have road home by the time we got out of the parking lot. But she was seriously freaked and I thought it was better to keep her with us. Once we finally got out of the parking lot this is what we saw. Nothing touched the ground and there was no damage, but it was pretty scary for a while.

We ran into Hannah's dad on the way to her house, he was coming to look for her. We stopped at Kevin's for a while, he and Nikki live next door to Hannah and they have a basement, so we thought it was probably safer than trying to drive home.


Now that all is calm, I am really happy we got our team picture today. I really like how they have Rebecca and Alyssa right in front of Dan. Do my girls have a cute coach or what? lol


Okay time for me to go to bed. Brianna just asked if I could bring her a drink of water, her in cookie are in the bedroom, today's excitement wiped her out. So I got up, went to the kitchen and got a glass of water walked into the living room and handed the glass to Alyssa. I guess today's excitement wiped me out too.

Good night.

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