Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's good to be home.

We are back from vacation. We had some good times and took some nice pictures, and we had some horrible times too. I'll tell you all about it.

Friday: We left Friday afternoon, and went to Aunt Denise's house on Houghton Lake we spent the night. Here are the girls playing with their Cousins, Riley, Alexis, and Trent.

Saturday: The family all met up at Aunt Denise's for a cookout before we all headed out to Curtis. We drove threw some horrible rain, it was really scary. We left a few minutes before everyone else, and there was a car that skidded off the road and rolled down the bank, in front of Deb and Tim. Glad we missed that. By the time we got to the bridge the sun was shinning.

We got to the campground, late in the afternoon, and set up the camper, while the kids raided the camp store and spent most of their money. Brianna bought this mask and a raccoon skin hat (if you look close you can see she is wearing it in this picture).

Sunday: We just hung out at the beach most of the day. Here are Autumn, Brianna, and Rebecca sitting on the inner tube.

Sunday was also Rebecca's real birthday. I had planned on having birthday s'mores instead of a cake, but we couldn't have a fire because it was raining. Thank goodness Grandma saved the day and had cupcakes. Grandma B and Diane rented a cabin at the campground, so all celebrated Rebecca's Birthday there.

Monday: I'm not exactly sure what we did Monday to tell you the truth. Here is what I do remember. It was raining. Diane, Grandma and Denise had went shopping. Dan, Deb, Bobbie, Brianna, and I were at Grandma's cabin, I had brought a bag of food to cook. I decided I wanted to cook it outside, even though it was raining a little. I went out the back door, stepped down the first step, I remember thinking "Gee, these steps are slippery" Then WHAM! I was face down in the grass, gasping for air. Everyone came running out to me. I was in the most pain I have ever been in in my life. I couldn't get up. Deb was touching my back and I was screaming. They wanted to get me to the hospital, but I said no. I thought the pain would go away. Finally they got me to my feet, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't walk, it was like my right leg didn't work, and my whole right side especially my back and hip area was in agony. Somehow Dan got me up on to the deck and in a chair. I don't know how long I sat there. When Grandma, Diane and Denise got back they talked me into going to the hospital, I got out of the chair with a lot of help from Denise and Deb. They put me in Grandma's wheel chair and took me threw to the front of the cabin. It seemed like we got to the hospital in no time, even though Dan says it took about 40 minutes to get there. Now here is where it really gets scary.

We got to the hospital and Dan ran into get help getting me out of the Blazer. The nurse came out and asked me where it hurt. I told her and she examined my back and I screamed and cried. I can't explain how much pain I was in, it was horrible. The nurse went back in and came out with a Dr. who asked where it hurt and examined my back. They made me wiggle my fingers and toes, I had to squeeze the Dr.s fingers as hard as I could. Then they said it was too dangerous to get me out of the Blazer. (Honestly I didn't really care what they were saying, I was in pain and I wanted them to make it stop). So they called the ambulance to the ER parking lot. We were sitting there and I was not paying attention to anything being said from that point they were basically talking to Dan anyway, but a police officer running across the street to the hospital caught my eye, he was running right to the Blazer, he got right in the back seat behind me and grabbed ahold of my head and held it in place. Then the EMT's started to arrive, they asked what happened examed my back and I had to squeez more fingers and wiggle my toes. I pretty much sat there quietly crying and doing what they said. Until one of the EMT's says "O.k. we are going to have to pancake her." WHAT? I had no idea, what being pancaked would be, but I was pretty sure it would involve moving my body and that was way to painful. They put this big brace around my neck, then one of the EMT's pulled me forward while the others slid a board behind my back and the next thing I knew I was strapped down to a board, being taken into the hospital. Right away they put in an IV and gave me Morphine. That took the edge off my pain. To shorten this long story I got a CT Scan and X-rays and nothing is broken. The Dr. said he was suprised that I didn't have a shattered pelvis or collapsed lung. I tore a lot of muscles in my back and I am still in a lot of pain, but I'm going to see my normal Dr. Tomorrow.

Before this happened we went to Seney National Wildlife Refuge, (I know this, from looking threw the pictures. I keep getting my days confussed.) I love this picture of Alyssa near the owl display at the Seney welcome center.

Tuesday: We went to Kitchi-ti-Kepee. Here are Trent and Brianna stearing the raft.

Then we went to a fish hatchery, and then we stopped at Burger King and Grandma bought everyone shakes. Alyssa got Chocolate and Brianna got Vanilla so they had to have a tast of eachothers.

Wednesday: We went on the Glass Bottom Boat shipwreck tour. I love this picture Dan took of an anchor from one of the shipwrecks we saw. Here's a tip, never go on a ship in Lake Superior when you are having back pain. OUCH!

Then we had a picnic at Munising Falls, and went to Minors Castle.

Thursday: Dan, I and our girls, went to White Fish Point, then we met up with the rest of the family at Tahquamenon Falls, then we separated again and we headed for Oswalds Bear Ranch.

Friday: It rained and stormed most of the day and we all watched movies and played games at Grandma's Cabin.

Saturday: We packed up and headed home.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow. I can't sit for long without pain.

All in all, a side from Monday, it wasn't really that bad of a vaction.


Taryn said...

Oh Angie!! You poor girl!! Take care of yourself! I'm so glad for you that nothing was broken, but oh my, it sounds horrible! I pray you will heal quickly!!

Martha said...

I'm so sorry Angie! I'm glad you didn't break anything, but your injury sounds terribly painful! I hope you recover soon! (Your pictures are great!)I'm glad you're back with us! We missed you!