Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Sunday!

You know what Sunday means. Two of my favorite Sketch sites have posted new sketches Page Plans and Creative Scrappers. Be sure to check out the fantastic sketch's and the beautiful work the DT's did. I'll be working on my layouts later.
I know that I had mentioned in an earlier post that I would no longer be posting anything personal. Well I have changed my mind. I am proud of my family, I am very happy to be part of this family that includes my all of my in laws. I am very blessed and want to share that with the world. As for that one negative person out there, I think that issue has been resolved.

"Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind."
(or something like that LOL)

Besides how can I post any layouts if there is to be nothing personal on my scrapbooking blog, all my scrapbooking layouts are personal, isn't that the whole point of scrapbooking.


I had a fantastic weekend, Saturday was my niece Lexis's 6th birthday party and her sister Taylor's 12th birthday. The party was a lot of fun. This is my SIL dumping a hamper full of clean socks on the kids. They had 1 minute to put as many socks on one foot as they could.

All the kids sat on the couch and Jesse pulled the socks off of their feet and counted them. Lolo, had the most with 13 socks on her foot. As usual we were the last ones at the party after everyone had gone home. It was such a beautiful day, guess what we ended up doing? Yep we went to the park and played softball.

The softball coach in him just couldn't trust that the pitchers mound was exactly where it belonged. Good thing too, because in Alyssa's league the mount is 40 feet from home plate, but at the park it was farther.

That was fine though because we brought our own pitchers mound and bases. I'll do anything for a good photo, but I don't think I'll stand behind Dan while Alyssa is warming up her pitching arm again, it was a little scary.

I had to give my SIL a hard time about her son being so much taller than her. He is 13. Then later after I had put the camera away. Tyler and Rebecca were standing next to each other and they are the same height. Rebecca is as tall as me and she is only 10. So maybe I should keep my mouth shut, my kid is almost taller than me. The little ones had so much fun.

Rachel wanted to play outfield with her daddy.

This blurry picture is my favorite of the 236 I took Saturday. Dan trying to tag Lex.
She was just to fast for him. LOL

Another highlight of the game was when I was running to second and Jesse (SIL) had the ball in her glove and we were running right at each other, by the time she tagged me out, we were both laughing so hard I thought we were going to collapse.

It was so much fun, but there is nothing like a softball game to let you know that you're old. Dan and I were in bed snoring by 9.


About the announcment, it is coming, but probably not until the end of the week.


Carol A. said...

Such wonderful and fun photos Angie...I just wish we could see some of you and your smiling face. The girls look like they had a blast at the party and the softball game. What a wonderful family you have, Angie!

Vicki C said...

Hey Angie.. first of all Thanks for your visits to me blog and the nice comments you leave.
I also felt compelled to say something to you after reading your post about "family stuff on blogs". I feel so strongly about Family and scrapbooking being a Hand and hand thing. When your scrapbooking your family memories you "have" to have it be apart of your blog and what you talk about. I've struggled with this also... and decided that my family is the reason I do what I do (scrapbooking) and as long as I have a blog where I share my "scrapbooking"... I WILL share my family. Share the things that are important in your life.. and obviously .. family is! Good for you!!!

Cheryl said...

I struggle with this too, Angie. But, in the end our families are why we scrapbook, so it's almost impossible to leave them out of our blogs entirely. As long as we use common sense when posting pictures and information, we'll be okay. (I've seen people NOT use common sense about what they post!)

I always LOVE seeing pictures of your girls - your family always seems to have fun no matter what you're doing!!

Martha said...

This looks like so much fun! You're so lucky that you have family nearby! And what thing could be better to scrap (or blog) about????

Martha said...

This looks like so much fun! You're so lucky that you have family nearby! And what thing could be better to scrap (or blog) about????

jinxi said...

Wow, you ran? Whatd it feel like? I cant remember the last time I ran.. I may give it a whirl sometime again ;) hehee Sounds and looks like a blast!
Sorry about that bad stuff in there, I hope you got it all worked out.. sounds like it.. if need be they say Im a mean kicker in my flip flops. ;)

Hang in there chick. You are proud of your family and it shows! Im just lucky enough to get to view it through your eyes!

Gina Hanson said...

Angie, I always say . . . it's my blog and I'll post whatever I want! Sorry you had someone say something. I always check out your blog, I don't mind seeing personal stuff on blogs and I would never say anything to someone about what they're writing on theirs either.

Margee' said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time!

I love going to your blog, sorry it's been awhile.