Thursday, October 23, 2008

Imagine (edited with journaling)

Here is a layout I created for the One Little Word challenge. You have to use the word imagine. I love the word imagine, so I was really inspired to create a layout using it. For this layout I used some techniques I learned from Natalie Roy's class. It was such an awesome class, Natalie is the goddess of grunge!

Journaling: I can only imagine where your journy will lead.

I am pretty happy with it. I love that picture of Bree. Here is a close up of the picture.

Now, I bet your thinking awe how sweet Angie and her little angel went for a nice little walk and Angie snapped this nice picture.

Well that isn't at all what happened. Brianna and I went for walk. The grass was a little damp, and Bree decided to wear her flip flops, even though Dan and I both told her to wear her tennis shoes. We almost got to the end of our property and she decided that she couldn't walk in the damp grass with her flip flops on. So she asked me to carry her. I said no, she's 9 years old and was told not to wear her flip flops. So she began to throw the mother of all fits. So I said Knock it off or I'm going to take a picture of you throwing a fit and show all your friends. And here it is.

I bet you thought I was a nice mom. It's a common misconception.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

This is so cute! The things we do for a great shot like this one!


rachel whetzel said...

hee hee love this. Great tantrum shot!!

Glenda T. said...

What a great photo, I love that huge chipboard dandelion!!

lisa said...

This made me smile so much. I have so many lovely photos of us walking in beautiful places with our kids, looks so perfect. The photos never capture the strops from them and shouts from us to actually get the kids out of the house first though : )
A beautiful LO.
lis x

Heather said...

Beautiful work!

jinxi said...

hahaha, hilarious story about the photo. I would write that story on the back of the layout for her to read when she is older. ;)

The layout is BEAUTIFUL!!

Carol A. said...

What a cute story and what an awesome photo. WTG MOM!