Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday's post.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE Sundays. It's not just that Page Plans and Creative Scrappers post new sketch's on Sundays. It's the laid back, relaxing, time spent with family that I love so much. Today was not your typical Sunday for us. We didn't have our huge breakfast together that we usually have. I had to go into work this morning, so I was leaving just as everyone else was waking up. Alyssa's BFF was with us this weekend. That was really nice, we haven't seen her since school started, it was nice to see them together again. It worked out great, Taylor's (Alyssa's BFF) mom had to drive up this way and so they called and asked if Taylor could come stay, then instead of us driving her all the way back home some other friends of theirs and ours were driving down that way and would take her home. So Dan just had to take her to Julia's house this morning. BUT, NB fixed up the old park after Taylor moved away, so Dan thought it would be nice to take the girls to the park for while before dropping off Taylor. He even remembered to take the camera. He is so much better at taking pictures than me. He took 98 pictures and here are a few of my favorites.

Dan is so much more brave than I am, he actually experiments with the camera settings. Where as I generally leave it on full auto.

Self Portrait

I just have to say I have nothing to do with the way he is dressed. He has a perfectly good leather coat hanging in the closet, that he will only wear on special occasions or when we go out. Men.

Also take a look at Alyssa is the photo above the lil stinker has her tongue sticking out.

I love this Self portrait.

Alyssa on top of the monkey bars.

Alyssa and Rebecca on the rubbery step thingies.

Taylor jumping off the swing

Bree riding the lady bug.

After the park and dropping Taylor off. They called me, from McDonalds. Dan took them to lunch. (McDonalds is the only place to go to lunch around here unless you want to drive 30 minutes or more). Brianna was so excited she had to call me. I thought that was sweet, she wanted to include me in something special they were doing even though I was at work.

We have this tradition every year around this time (hunting season). I make a big pot of Chili and we watch Escanaba in da moon light.

Usually Kevin, my Dad and mom are here, but this time it was just Dan the girls and I. That was nice. Dan pointed out that every time I notice a similarity between the characters in the movie and him and his brothers I look at him. He also pointed out that when it comes to the scene in the two holer I always point out that our cabin has a two holer. (but we prefer indoor pluming) sorry TMI. When I first saw this movie I thought it was one of the stupidest movies ever. Now I have come to appreciate it, and the similarities between Reuben and Daniel are crazy and also the similarities between Remnar and Kevin. I think this movie is mandatory to own if you live in Michigan, but of you don't live in Michigan you might want to see it. If you like ummm . . . . unique movies.
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Fletch said...

What a great looking family! Looks like they had a fantastic day at the park!!!

Carol A. said...

Oh wow Angie..the photos are great and it look like they all had such a wonderful fall day. Love the new header...great job!