Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's a handsome dude.

You may have seen the post below of my family as elves. Yep, that's Dan, me and our girls. Well our heads anyway. LOL. I did have to post it again, because me in all my computer wisdom messed up the first post, so I deleted that one and sadly all the comments went with it. Unfortunately the picture of Dan that I used for the elf, really sucks but it was the only one that would work.

But it just so happens I created this page with some good pictures of my handsome dude.

This is a lift of one of my friend Martha's layouts.

Dan isn't a fan of getting his picture taken.(He's even less of a fan of having his head put on a dancing elf.) I can usually get a few good ones of him every year though. I love the picture of him and cookie our dog, and him and Alyssa cooking and the small one (he looks a little angry) Brianna and I gave him a little Mohawk, and the one where he's hauling all the softball equipment and the one with him and the camera bag. I just love him and any picture he is in. LOL. I do have some pictures of him when he was little that I had planned on using for this too, so I might turn it into a 2 pager, it just depends on the mojo.

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Cheryl said...

You have one handsome husband, Angie!!!