Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was tagged by Suzanne.

(Who lost her Father in Law last night, so if you could spare some thoughts and prayers for her family, I know it would mean a lot to her.)

Here is the tag:
8 T.V. Shows I love to watch......
1. Grey's
2. Ghost Hunters
3. ER
4. Desparate housewives
3. Eli Stone
2. Ghost Hunters international.

8 Favorite Restaurants.....
1. Luckies
2. Whities
3. Apollo
4. Brians
3. E.G. Nicks
2. Harbour House
1. ?

8 Things that happened last night.....
1. My lovely Buick Le Saber, was fixed and I drove it to work
2. We had a bomb threat at work
3. I made taco salad before I went to work.
4. My cell died.
5. I ate popcorn for dinner, because I didn't get a lunch break and it was the only thing in the
6. Dan had the night off work.

8 Things you're looking forward to......
1. Getting Debt free.
2. Thanksgiving
3. learning how to crochet
5. Scrapbooking tomorrow
6. Pay day
7. Watching Dds grow
8. Growing old with Dan.

8 Things on my wish list.....
1. A bigger house.
2. A nice long, relaxing vacatioin.
3. A closet full of new cloths
4. To be healthier
5. To loss weight
6. An excersize bike.
7. To meet all my scrapbooking friends
8. My Dd's to have wonderful lives.

I'm tagging anyone who reads this and wants to be tagged, just let me know you are doing it so I can read your answers. tx

Have a great day.


Vicki C said...

lol... I used to have a lovely Buick Le Saber also!! lol
dh.. name is Dad.
Love your topper Angie!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Girl.. I just learned how to do some simple crocheting last year. My neighbor taught me. My Mom used to do beautiful stuff. I dont know though.. I just dont have room for 2 hobbies.. it was rough. Best wishes though!