Friday, December 5, 2008

Yahoooo! It's Friday!

My second favorite day of the week!

The sun is shinning here today, it seems like forever since the sun has shined.

I want to update you on Dan's Grandpa, he was released from the hospital on Wednesday. Thanks for all your prayers.

I don't have any more info on Nolan, but I will keep you updated on him too.

As I mentioned Friday is my second favorite day of the week. My first favorite is Sunday,

and although I have love Sundays even before I was part of the Sunday reveals at Page Plans.

That certainly is another plus for Sundays. Lately the we have been watching old home videos.

Brianna asked a couple weeks ago if we could get some out and we've been watching 1 or 2 a weekend. I have to admit they make me cry.

When they were toddlers the girls were fascinated with the lens cap of the video camera, it hung below the lens on a little cord. In one of the video's I'm tapping Alyssa and Rebecca playing in the living room and Alyssa toddles over to me and puts the lens cap on the lens, and all goes black, but you can hear Rebecca saying her name "Beeebedda Yeeeeeein Meeeshmyshursh." Rebecca turns to me while we were watching that.

Rebecca: Mom why are you crying?

Me: I'm not crying,

Rebecca: Then why are there tears in your eyes.

Me: Because you will never be that little again, and your voice will never sound that way again.

Rebecca turns back to the TV.

I have been so emotional about things lately especially my children, that is why I am giving you this sneak peak of my layout for Sunday's reveal.

Okay so it's just not your usual sneak peak, its one of the pictures on the layout, but look at their little faces. Rebecca (blond) was 2 and Alyssa was 3. People are always mistaking Rebecca for being the oldest, because she is so much taller than Alyss.

This photo was taken in 2000 by my uncle Vance a professional photographer, it took 4 hours to get one good picture of them. I got every print of every shot and, now I love them all, even the one with Rebecca pulling the bottom of here dress up over her head. LOL.

Maybe it's Christmas recking havoc on my emotions, or that Brianna makes it a point to give me hug every morning when she wakes up while her older sisters are to busy getting ready for school, maybe its because this is Alyssa's last year in elementary school, or because Rebecca is now officially taller than me, or maybe I'm just a nut. Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forget to check Page Plans on Sunday for the DT reveal and if you'd like to join in on the Creative Scrappers Sketchfest 2 activities there is still time. Tonight is bingo with Carol, so if you arn't already registered at CS, you have time to register and pic your 25 words and PM them to Carol, before 7:30p.m. tonight.


Gina said...

I'm emotional like that too sometimes . . . we're MOMs so we can get away with that sometimes. :)

Margee' said...

They grow up too quickly, don't they?

Deb said...

Oh Angie, this just brings tears to my eyes reading this! They do grow up too fast, don't they?

twinsand2boys said...

My kids have been watching home videos too and it makes me sad that those times are gone. My kids seemed to grow up so fast.

Cheryl said...

It's the holidays, Angie - they always make me emotional, too.

I know you are all so thankful that Dan's grandpa is out of the hospital and we'll continue our good thoughts for Nolan.

I love you post - it's such a "Mom post" - the best kind!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awwww. Maybe Im nuts too but you have every right to tear up and cry over those movies and the girls growing up so quickly. Hugs chick!
Youre raising some beautiful girls for sure.. Thats something to be proud of!