Sunday, January 25, 2009

Page Plans and Snowfest.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Page Plans today. I loved working with this weeks sketch created by Chris. I also want to remind you, that if you are interested in winning a MM Slice, this is the last week, so make sure you check out Page Plans for all the details.

Here is my layout.


Things have been busy and a little stressful at our house. We have really been in the need of a little family time. So Thursday when I was getting ready to leave for work, Dan asked if I thought I could get Saturday off. I told him I would try, with the economy so bad right now, everyone is willing to pick up some extra hours. So getting Saturday off was no problem.

I had never been to Snowfest, in Frankenmuth and Dan hadn't been, since he was little. So we decided to spend the day in Frankenmuth. We told the girls that we were going to go do something on Saturday, but we didn't tell them exactly what we were going to do.

Dan made sure everyone was awake bright and early, and then we took a vote on whether to go out to breakfast or have breakfast at home. We all voted to go out for breakfast, so we had breakfast at the Old Country Buffet. Then drove to Frankenmuth for Snowfest. We had to park a few blocks from town.

I was worried about Rebecca's foot bothering her, or that her foot would get cold, so I had a couple extra pairs of socks in my pockets. To my surprise her foot didn't bother her at all, I hope that is a good sign.

Our first stop was at the snow sculptures

I took hundreds of pictures and wish I could share them all.

Then we walked around to see the ice sculptures that were placed all over town.

There was a petting zoo and pony rides set up in one of the alley's.
Then we went into the toy store to warm up. No visit to Frankenmuth is complete without a visit to the toy store.

After that we walked around a little more. There is a huge mill at the end of town that has been turned into a coffee shop, and a resale store. Dan and I had never been inside it before so we went inside to check it out. There is a room off the coffee shop that is a museum and a magician was set up in one corner. Here he is showing the girls a card trick.

And did I mention the resale shop? Well that is located on the second floor. Dan asked if I wanted to go up there and I said nah, knowing he wouldn't be interested. But the girls wanted to go up, so we did and I am so glad. This is the first thing we saw, it wasn't for sale, but I just feel in love with it.

and then there was this table. I love color and all that colorful glass on that colorful table made me smile.

After that we went over to the River Place, which is a bunch of small store and shops. We have a lot of fun there. Then decided to walk back downtown. We were standing at the cross walk waiting for the light, when Brianna spotted my parents. So we went over to the warming tent with them. They bought us pretzels and hot cocoa.
Before we left Frankenmuth we decided to stop at Bronner's the worlds biggest Christmas store. The girls had never been there before. We ran into my parents there too, LOL. On the way home I had wanted to stop at my cousin Renee's house. She was having a birthday party for her son, and I wanted to see her new baby Mohlie, but we were exhausted. When we got home we all vegged out on the couch and watched a movie, which Dan and I fell asleep during. It was a great day.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a great family album. Im glad you got some time off. Those snow sculptures are awesome!
Your layout is cute, I love those papers! They are so homey, and the tree really sets it off.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

oh yes, I have to tell you.. I love the header.. your pup is adorable!

also.. my son LOVES Old Country Buffet breakfast. hehee