Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Witnessing history.

It is an amazing day to be an American. It doesn't matter who you voted for, it's an amazing day. I for one, look forward to the changes the future holds and feel blessed to be an American.
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Today is one of those days, were I have a lot to say, yet really nothing at all.
I have had a smile on my face all day, I don't know if it was the beautiful Michigan sunshine or the inauguration, but it has been a very good day. I started creating some valentines tags and things for my etsy (I'll post picks when I get them listed). I spent most of the morning up to my elbows in ink and paper and loved every minute of it. The only downer of the day was that Rebecca now has an ear infection, and I had to miss Alyssa performing with the high school cheerleaders at the basketball game tonight.
I am really excited about an upcoming contest over at Creative Scrappers. It's 1 picture, Many Pages. Kristine comes up with such fun and unique contests.
Here are the details:
1 photo will be emailed to you on February 1st.
You print this " special " photo once or several copies of the same picture.. your choice You can edit, crop , Black and White or color ... Your choice
Any size 2x2, 5x7 or 8x10 !
You will have 3 weeks to complete the layout ... no sketch will be provided, but you can use any of our posted sketches.
Your name has to be on the list of participants.
No Layouts or "the picture" should be posted in galleries, or blogs until our reveal day ... February 21
ALL Layouts need to be emailed to Kristine February 20th .
The winner will be chosen by VOTE by ALL Members WHO Participate in this contest! no Outside voters will be allowed.. we will have a private forum for voting.. All Layouts will have a chance of winning a March Layout kit from Creative Scrappers!
This photo will be an inanimate object, or a scenery picture or something NON human so it`s not personal!
Sounds like fun doesn't it. So go register at Creative Scrappers and join this fun contest! You don't have to be a scrap everyday kind of person to do this, even if you only scrapbook once in a while, come join us and have some fun.
And since we are talking about contests get your booties over to Page Plans and get in on a chance to win a MM Slice! You know you want to.


Kristen said...

It was an amazing day wasn't it! I am so exciting to see what is in store for our country! My daughter officially turned 3 1/2 today and she was so exited about it for the last few weeks she's been telling everyone that she will be 3 1/2 when Barack Obama is President. She even watched him being sworn in this morning with me and was amazed with all the people there. She said they looked like ants-LOL!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im glad you had a great day Angie.. I cant wait to do the contest at CS!