Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thats how we roll.

You will never hear me complain that my life is boring, but after this morning I may be ready for a little bit of boring in my life. Things started off a little crazy this morning. Woke up with my alarm going off way to early, as usual. Woke the girls up, put Cookie out to do his business. After everyone was dressed, I asked Brianna to let Cookie in. She goes to the door, and calls for him and nothing happens. He had run off, which is irritating to me, but causes the girls sheer panic. We all go out and call for him and he is just gone. Our house is surrounded by woods and hilly fields, so we can't see far. I round up the girls and send them in to finish getting ready for school. By this time Dan is home and decides to go look for Cookie on his bike. The girls and I leave for the bus stop early so we can drive real slow and look for Cookie. We find him at the neighbors farm about a mile down the road. He is soaking wet and covered with mud, Alyssa opens her door and Cookie jumps right in, it takes less than 2 seconds for all of us to be covered in mud. Not just muddy mud either, it's nasty, stinky, dark, mucky mud. We turn around and go home to clean up and change cloths. We end up missing the bus, and I have to drive the girls to school, no big deal. Although Alyssa is not happy about being 5 minutes late for school (when does the preteen drama end?) I get Alyssa and Rebecca all signed in at their school and drive Brianna to her school. We pull in, and their are parents, students and teachers all over the place, it's chaos. I find a parking spot and Brianna and I see threw one of the windows that the strobes are going off inside the school. Fire drill. We walk around to the back of the school where Brianna's class goes for fire drills and its the complete opposite of the front, all the kids are standing in nice neat rows, waiting to go into the school. I talked to Brianna's teacher for a minute, then head back to the parking lot. By the time I reach the car, the teachers and students started walking back into the building, and all the parents have gotten into their cars and the parking lot is jam packed with cars trying to get out (I think everyone in North Branch drove their kids to school today). Reading threw this it was a little more hectic, than it seems, and I did it all on just one cup of coffee, actually not even one cup, I forgot to mention I spilled half of it in the car. And that my friends is how we roll on a Tuesday morning. Now if you'll excuse me I have some muddy laundry to do.

Oh but firs here are some of my latest layouts.

This layout is based on page plans sketch 47. I posted a sneak peek of this layout on this post HERE.
This one I did for fun, Alyssa and her drum set .
What!?! My man is manly enough to have butterflies on a layout about him! LOL. Actually this one needs something, it seems a little plain to me. Any suggestions? ;)


Carol A. said...

Oh my gosh Angie..what a Tuesday morning you had....and only on a partial cup of coffee..bless your heart.

Love the pages and I love the butterflies on the page of your man.....maybe some manly looking buttons to set off the butterflys....LOL!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

no no, I love it just as it is. butterflies and all.

I think I would have went back to bed had that been my Tuesday hahaa.

Cheryl said...

I don't know how you did all of this on just a partial cup of coffee - LOL! I'm exhausted now after just reading about it!!

I love all of your new layouts and I don't think you need to add a thing to your layout of Dan.