Monday, June 1, 2009

Lots to blog about.

Friday was Grandpa B's birthday. We held a memorial service for him, and afterwords had a luncheon in the garden at Suncrest where Grandpa had lived for the past 6 years, after his stroke. We had a bunch of balloons, and everyone wrote messages to Grandpa on the balloons and we let them go.

See the orange balloon, that looks like there is something attached to the end of the ribbon? That is my Mother-In-Laws balloon, Alyssa's balloon popped right after she had written her message, so Diane (MIL) tied Alyssa's popped balloon to her balloon and saved the day... cuz this little girl was really missing her Great Grandpa
After the luncheon, we went to the cemetery and buried the rest of Grandpa's ashes. Grandma B, gave all the grandkids some of Grandpa's ashes in these nice little stainless steel containers. Then it was ....

Softball time. This weekend was the first tournament for North Branch Lightning fast pitch team. Unfortunately I had a raging headache, Dan was exhausted, and Alyssa was way off her game.

The Lightning lost Friday, but rallied and won their first game Saturday.

Not a great picture of Alyssa but, she's about to knock one out of the park. Okay, maybe just to the outfield.

Between games we had a few hours, so everyone brought a dish to pass and we had a cookout. And since Alyssa's birthday was exactly one week away Saturday. . .

We got our little lunatics helmet airbrushed. She picked out the design and decided to go with Lunatic (one of my many nicknames for her) instead of Alyssa. By the second game Saturday our girls had the most colorful, kick butt helmets at the tournament.
I just wish we would have won, but we lost game two Saturday.

It looks like she is going to catch it right? She doesn't, it hits the tip of her glove then it hits the ground. So I said "Oh shoot" (no really I said shoot, instead of shit. Hard to believe but true.) then I closed my eyes (because I am a dork) and missed the whole awesome play. She scooped the ball up in her hand and gunned it to the first baseman and they got the runner out.

Because we lost one Saturday, we didn't have a game Sunday. So Kevin and Nikki came up and brought me my baby's. Becca and Bree stayed with them all weekend, they had a great time. We are still finding it hard to live so far away from them. It's only an hour, but it is such a big change from having them only 10 minutes away. We use to see them 3 of 4 times a week, now we are lucky to see them 3 or 4 times a month.

Kevin and Nikki had bought all the kids kites.Becca didn't even see me coming with the camera. Not the best picture of her, but when you have a kid that refuses to let you take a picture of her, you take what you can get.

It was cold all weekend long, but Syd and Bree, still managed to enjoy the weather.


Cheryl said...

The memorial service for Grandpa B looks beautiful, Angie. I know you all miss him so much and it's nice that each grandchild has some of his ashes.

Your girls are so pretty and are getting so big - they have to be a real joy to you and Dan.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a greatttt weekend! I love the helmets..
and I admit.. I cried reading about Grandpa.. that was a SWEET tribute to him. :)