Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bitter sweet weekend....

Bitter : Our computer died and we probably lost most of our vacay pic's. (but I uploaded some
to walmart, so all is not lost) ~You probably won't see me on line much~

The softball games started at 8a.m. and ended at 7:30p.m Saturday.

Sweet: NB 12u softball (alyssa's team) took first place at the Mayville tournament this weekend.
Coach Scott, got a little emotional handing out the trophies, it was a rough season with
injuries and drama. The girls played great and pulled threw all the adults BS to be a
super team. A few of the adults could have learned a thing or two from these girls.

NB 10u softball (Rebecca's team) took third place at the Mayville tournament this
The girls played great and did an awesome job. Coach Dave got a little emotional to,this
will be the last year for Rebecca and a couple other girls in this division.

Here is the quote of the day from coach Dave: "Hit the shit out of the ball. . ." Ya gotta love coach Dave. :)

OKay Here is a little cheat sheet, of the past seasons teams and coaches. Because I get asked about this a lot and it is confusing for people. I know my Scrappin' friends might not be interested in this, but I have some family members that get confused.

Alyssa's teams
NB lightning fastpitch tournament team - Coach Scott, Coach Steve, and Coach Chad
Summer Rec. (this is the team Dan coaches) -Coach Dan, Coach Doreen
NB All Stars - Coach Doreen, Coach Steve, and Coach Scott

Rebecca's teams
Summer Rec. - Coach Honicutt
Summer Rec. (Dan had her fill in for a girl that broke her leg in the beginning of the season) - Coach Dan and Coach Doreen
NB All Stars - Coach Dave and Coach Mary

Brianna's team
Summer Rec. - Coach Rhonda. Didn't want to leave her out.

We are officially on a break from softball (kinda). No (official) practices until Sept. and no games until next spring. :)

But the big talk at our house is what will Rebecca do, she will be old enough to try out for the NB lightning team in Sept. Coach Dave and 2 of the other softball Dad's asked her if she was going too, but she hasn't made up her mind yet. Whatever she decides, I'm proud of her.

I have 5 scapbook pages to post, when our computer is fixed.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

You have every reason to be proud. What great kids.. all 3 are bound for greatness!

Coach Dave.. he is a smart one ;) hahaa

ps: Glad you were able to keep some of your vacation pics!