Sunday, July 12, 2009


I mentioned in the previous post that Rebecca's first All Star game was Friday night, and she had 3 Saturday and Alyssa had 2 game Saturday. I was wrong Bec had 3 games but Alyssa had 2 double headers.

Rebecca's team did great, they won 2 and lost 2, and ended up in 3rd place in the tournament!!!

I don't know what to say about Alyssa's team, they are great girls, and have great coaches, I just don't know what went wrong Saturday. The bad luck began Friday night while we were at Becca's game some of Alyssa's team got together some practice. And one of the girls ended up with a fractured wrist. Saturday our team had to be at the tournament early, one girl (and she is such a little sweetheart.) and her mom (another sweetheart) stopped to get some hot chocolate. The girl spilled hers all over herself and ended up burning her wrist, thankfully it wasn't very bad. During the game we had two girls collide, they smashed there heads together, it was awful to see. One girl didn't get up... she was taken to the hospital right away. The other girl got up and played the rest of the inning, but after she sat down she was feeling sick to her stomach and was having blurred vision, so she was taken to the hospital. The first girl ended up with a broken finger, and the second has a concussion. Later one of our girls was hit with a ball while batting, and had to have a runner put in for her. Alyssa was hit in the face with a ball, but didn't even flinch.

Then after Alyssa's games were finished we were watching Rebecca's team play and Alyssa says mom look, and she opens her mouth wide and puts her tongue threw an opening that was not there before. "I lost a tooth." she says to me.... I guess I just couldn't comprehend what happened.. so I asked her where it was, her response "I spit it out by first base." Another mom who had two daughters playing that day just sort of looked at her then looked at each other.

I went to tell Coach Morgans wife, and she was so upset, it turns out that while I was watching Rebecca's game one of our NB mothers decided that if her daughter didn't play a certain position, then she was pulling her from the team and we would have to forfeit the next days games (Sunday). WTH???????????????? First of all the coaches are great and really support the girls, it's like we are all family...second of all that little girl loves softball just as much as Alyssa and if I all of the sudden turned into mama bitch and pulled her from the team, it would kill her.... So after learning that I was PISSED. We got home late last night and went right to bed, because despite only having 8 players our girls deserved to play, and they did play. The other teams may have had more players, but our girls had more heart and despite the bad luck of Saturday, we came in 2nd place. WAY TO GO NORTH BRANCH!!!!!


Coach Doreen giving Alyssa her trophy and a hug.




jinxi~ aka angi said...

WHOA to all the injuries..!!! I hope everyone is back to normal soon!

I cant believe all the drama. Man I would have been ticked too!

Congrats to both teams!!!

Martha said...

Oh my goodness Angie! I hope that dark cloud moves away from your team. What a weekend!