Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time to change it up a little. . .

I'm changing up my blog a little. You will probably notice a few changes when you stop by.
So while I monkey around with some settings and stuff. I thought I would post a little how to.

ummmm...not really a how to, because everybody has the ability to do this, but sometimes we

need a little encouragement (or maybe that's just me).

As you probably know my husband has been laid off for the past month. I am trying to watch my spending, and so my scrapbooking budget is pretty much non-existent. But I'm not complaining because 1). It is awesome having Dan home more. 2)I'm the Angie that just won a giveaway on Ali's blog. and 3.) I am feeling more inspired and creative than ever.

So here is today's encouragement. . .

I LOVE all those shaped papers that are available now. BUT I can't justify spending $1.00 or more for a piece of paper. So I have begun to make my own.

1. Choose a piece of paper. This one is from DCWV.

2. Pick your shape and draw, free hand or trace it on the back, then cut out.
3.(Optional) Add those little touches. Here I spritzed it with Glimmer mist and then used my button hole punch to Punch holes to thread ribbon threw.
4. Add your pictures, embellies and journaling. And your done.

I hope I have encouraged you to have some fun and create your own shaped paper. If you do give this a try please post a link in the comment section, I would love to see what you create.


Tam, I am said...

I know what you mean about spending $1.00+ on shaped papers. I do the same thing you do, trace and cut! :)

Sorry to hear that your hubby is still without a job. This economy sucks! I am praying you guys!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Girl.. I am so like you.. I dont want to spend money on that stuff.. and sometimes just cant.. so for me it is a true challenge to sometimes just make my own. I do a LOT of tracing and cutting.
Yes, you encourage me... and you got me hooked on glimmer mist! "shame!" hahaa..

Margee' said...

I totally know what you mean about not spending that much on paper.
Hope your husband is back to work soon!
Love your creative idea. Hugs!