Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's October and the weekend is over.

It's October!
I love October, the cool weather, the colors of fall, the fun of Halloween.
It's all good!

Here is a silly picture of Alyssa, we found the wedding dress handing in the window of the Goodwill Store, it's going to make a great costume.

The weekend is over, and I am exhausted. Saturday we had soccer. I wanted to go to all the kids games but missed Tyler's whole game and most of Taylor's game. Then Alyssa and Lexis' games were at the same time, so I sat with Jesse between the fields. I watched Alyssa's game then Watched Lexis during Alyssa's half time.
Then we stayed and watched Lauren and Rachel's games. So I was at the soccer field from 10:00 to 1:00, only an hour and a half less than Jesse had to be there. I don't know how she dos it.

Sunday was spent at a birthday party for Taylor and Lexis. Lots of fun, and I'm totally exhausted.

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Anonymous said...

Love the wedding dress! So adorable! Just out trying to get to know some of our bloggers.