Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Monday.

It's Monday and my sinuses are reeking havoc, but I'm not going to complain. I have had the best Thanksgiving weekend. I had 4 days off work, that never happens. It was great so I thought I would share a few random photos from my wonderful 4 days.

Thursday Grandma, Grandpa Sonny and Uncle Kevin came to Thanksgiving dinner.

The girls playing games with Grandma and Uncle Kevin. Not your typical picture, but I like it. Alyssa and Cookie watching Brianna make a snowman.

Friday, we ate leftovers and just hung out at home.

Becca and Cookie watching a movie.

Alyssa enjoying a Turkey leg.

Saturday We spent the day with Joe, Jesse and the kids.

Rachel, Becca and Brianna making cookies.

Rebecca and Rachel relaxing on the couch. Little kids seem to gravetate to Rebecca, Rachel and Lexis scream out her name and run to hug her every time they see her. Molly calls her "My Bucca". Rebecca is so good with them too.

Alyssa and Taylor finally came out of Taylors room to eat, but were not very cooperative when I tried to take a picture of them.

My Awesome Nephew Tyler, Dan and Joe went hunting and poor Tyler was stuck with his 4 sisters, 3 girl cousins, me and his mom. He is use to all the girls though, he is the only boy under the age of 30 in our family.
Sunday was spent at Grammy and Grammpy's (my parents) house. Where my camera batteries died, but not before I snapped some pic's of my Cutie pie's Lexis and Rachel.

None of these pictures are Karen Russel quality, but they represent 4 wonderful days spent with family so they are perfect to me.

I hope you have a great day, even if it is a monday.

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