Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have worked with Doctors for over 6 years. For the most part I complain about them, some
have big ego's, some can cut you open and perform surgery but can't dial a phone by themselves.
Most I get along with, some I can even joke around with and a few I wish I could avoid. I work
with almost 200 Doctors here at the hospital, and I have only gotten written up once for calling
one an Ass, (I call it like I see it). One of my favorite Dr.'s is Dr. Harris, he is a cardiologist. A few
of my family members are patients of his and he is always so sweet on the phone.
He called me this evening for a phone number that I don't have and he wasn't angry, when I didn't have it, and he went on to tell me that I have a future in show biz, Lilly Tomlin started
out as a hospital operator and went on to do operator routines on Laugh In. And he told me to
drive safe, because the weather is so nasty. Sometimes its just little conversations like that that brighten your day.


twinsand2boys said...

Its great when someone can brighten your day huh?

Cheryl said...

Angie - love your new look - very sophisticated!! The music is great, too.