Monday, March 3, 2008

My OLW Canvas, The Good, The Bad and The Lovely.

Time is the word for the One Little Word challenge blog this time. So I made this canvas for my

(not yet finished) scraping room.


The Good.

We celebrated Grandma B's birthday with a surprise party yesterday. She was very surprised. It was such a nice party. Seriously I have the best in-laws, they are so fun to be around.

Alyssa and Dan got the first Turkey hunt of the season this year. Dan just looked it up this morning so Alyssa doesn't know yet, she will be so excited. So they will be going up to the cabin for a little father daughter hunting trip.


The Bad.

Saturday evening I got a call from my mom telling me my Aunt Marie died. I use to spend a lot of summer days on Aunt Marie and Uncle Leo's farm, playing with their Granddaughter. The first time I ever saw a cow give birth was on Aunt Marie and Uncle Leo's farm, and we would have our family reunion there every year when I was little. Uncle Leo died a few years ago, and even though I know they are together now, and in a better place, I am still sad.

My Aunt Marie is my Grandma L's sister. You may already know that my Grandma L went to visit my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jerry in Ill. Last month and got very sick and had to have emergency surgery. She isn't suppose to travel for another month, but she is insisting on coming to Aunt Marie's funeral. My mom and her sisters have tried to talk her out of it, but it looks like Grandma will be home Wednesday for the funeral. My Aunt and Uncle will be traveling with her, to make sure she is alright. I have never had a sister, I have one living brother and a brother who has been gone for 30 years. I was to young to remember Jason's funeral, but if anything ever happened to Joe, I don't think anything could keep me from coming to his funeral, (Joe is forbidden to go before I do.) Don't you sometimes wish we really could forbid people from dying, I guess if you really think about it, it would be a cruel thing to do.

Today I got a call from my mom, that my Aunt Margaret died yesterday. She is my Grandpa S's sister. I wasn't very close with her, and I don't have any memories of special moments spend with her, but it's still sad.


I'm trying not to get into the "why me" state of mind that I tend to fall into when bad things happen. So I thought I would share my latest layouts with you. Scrapbooking always cheers me up. To me scrapbooking is celebrating life, celebrating the simple little things and the big important moments that make up our lives.

These pictures were taken after Brianna came home from Leeanna's Birthday. Leeanna is Brianna's best friend since Kindergarten. They are trouble makers, their names rhyme and Leeanna's parents call her Lee Lee and we call Brianna Bree Bree. I guess they were destined to be BFF's :)
One of my goals for this year is to scrap more old pictures. Here is Alyssa when she was a toddler.
I couldn't get a good picture of this layout. It's Alyssa and her BFF Taylor at Halloween. I seem to collect fall and Halloween themed scrapbooking supplies. So I need to start using them. This one is for Pencil Lines Sketch 73.
This one sort of just came together, I have been trying to organize my scrapping space (a.k.a the mess in the living room corner) all weekend. So when the girls asked if we could scrap I said yes, and got out all my scraps of paper. I love these pictures of my girls. For the title Beautiful Blooms, I opened the Autumn Leaves stamp I bought over a year ago and use it. You will see a lot more stamping in my work. I have two boxes full of stamps, one the size of a shoe box and one just a little bigger. That I never use, so I have challenged myself to use them more.

This layout is my favorite, I did it for a fun game that we have been playing over at the Shack.

Scrap me and pass it on, I lifted an adorable layout of Deb's and came up with this. I also liked this one so much I entered it into the April GDT contest at CSS. I used a few stamps on this one too, my alpha stamps I got on sale for $.98 a Wal-mart, and my I love You stamp from Stampin' up. The twill that I stamped the I Love You on came from a pair of pants someone had gotten as a gift. I have a small basket I tho things like that into when I think I might use them on a layout sometime.


Angel Eyes by Steelheart is our song.

It came out when we started dating. The song and band have faded from popularity but our love still grows.


Lynn said...

Great layouts! Love what you did with the word 'time' for OLW!


Martha said...

Lots of beautiful stuff here Angie! BTW-You've been tagged! Details are on my blog.