Monday, April 14, 2008

About the weekend.

Can you believe I haven't scrapped in over week?!?!?

The girls were on spring break so we have been getting in some family time. Last week was pretty tame, and the weekend busy as all my weekends off seem to be.

Friday Dan, Kevin and the girls had a little canoe trip planned, and I was going to get in some scrapping. But as with every time we make plans something happens. As soon as Kevin got here it started to storm, and we were under a tornado watch.

This big dark cloud freaked me out for a minute when I walked past the kitchen window, at first glance it looked like a tornado in the distance.

It didn't storm for very long, just long enough to watch almost all of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Then it began to cleared up.

So they decided to go ahead and take the canoe and boat down the creek. I was just going to say good bye at the door and then dive head first into my Cardstock, but I grabbed the camera and walked out back with them. The scrapper in me needed pictures of my kids in the canoe and boat.

As soon as we got to the back of our property, it began to sprinkle, but there was still blue sky showing so they left, and I decided I would jog along the bank and try for a good shot of everyone going down the creek. Then I figured if I was going to jog along the creek I may as well go as far as the tunnels and get a shot of them going in the tunnels.

Then of course, since I went that far I had to get a picture of them coming out the other side.

I didn't go any farther, but instead of walking along the road home, I decided just to go back the same way I came.
So how far will a scrapbooker go to get a great shot?
Farther than she planned lol. (and I didn't get the perfect shot I was going for.) And I never got to scrapbook, when I got back to the house I changed into some dry clothes and flipped on the t.v. to check the weather. Apparently a tornado was spotted in the next county. So I hopped in the Blazer and tried to see if I could catch them before they got to far down the creek. They were about 100 yards down from the road. A tree had fallen across and they could get past it. Then it began to thunder again. Brianna freaked out so, Dan helped her get out of the boat and I met her half way across the field. I brought her home and got her all dry and warm and then we waited for the rest of them to get back.

Saturday was our niece Rachel's 4th Birthday. So went over to Joe and Jesse's for the birthday party. We had a nice time. I forgot my camera :(at home. We ended up bringing Lauren and Taylor home to spend the night with the girls. Then Alyssa's BFF, came over and we had a house full of girls for the night.

Sunday all the extra kids were gone by 2:00p.m. So we had a nice quiet day together. On Sundays, if we don't have plans, which hardly ever happens. I have started a tradition, that we all pitch in and make a nice meal. Everyone gets to choose what they want to make, Alyssa, Rebecca, and Brianna made a yummy fruit salad together, I made corn casserole, and since we hardly ever eat red meat and haven't had hamburgers in forever Dan made some.

All and all it was a good weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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