Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alyssa in a dress, a pirate invasion, and Tallula Bell and Beanie.

First I would like to say that, when I started this blog it was for scrapbooking, and now it seems to be mostly about family. The main reason for that is I'm out of scrapping mojo. So if your here to check out my latest scrapbooking creation, I'm sorry, but I do plan on getting my mojo back soon, so please keep checking in on my blog.


Alyssa's Spring Concert was last night. As promised she wore the dress!!!
(It was very windy outside)
This girl rocked the snare drum last night. I was totally impressed.
She lost a tooth last week, and wasn't to happy about smiling.
Are ten year olds suppose to look like this? She looks older to me :(

We recorded the concert with our dvd recorder, and I will capture some pictures from that later today or tomorrow and share them too. Although percussion is in the back so we didn't get any good shots of Alyssa.


Right before we left for the concert, like right when I got the camera out. We were invaded by this cute little pirate.

Brianna's school art fair was last week. The theme was pirates, she won an award for her painting of a pirate face, which I will share when she brings it home. It's hanging in the school right now.

Jenelle edited a picture for me, not to long ago, and since then I decided I had to learn how to do it. So I've been working at it and the picture above is one of my attempts. You can't really tell but her eyes are blue too.

If you know me in real life, you know I'm sort of a freak about nicknames, I have a million nicknames for my family members. My BIL asked me why I even bothered naming my kids when they were born, if I was never going to call them by that name. Well duh, they will eventually have to have a name to put on their drivers licence. So without further ado, Beanie and Tallula Bell (Taylor and Alyssa.)

Thanks for stopping by.


Martha said...

I like reading about your family as much as seeing your scrapbook creations - no need to apologize. (besides I've been doing the same thing on my blog so I totally understand!) Alyssa looks so pretty all dressed up. I love the names "Talula Bell" and "Beanie" - so cute!

Tam, I am said...

OMG! Look at those beauties!!! Just like their momma!

Gina Hanson said...

Angie, I know what you mean about your DD looking older than you . . . I have one too and she does NOT look like she's only "13"! Love the blk and wht pirate picture! :)

Jolene said...

Look how big the girls are getting. And you know, family photos are where scrapbooking begins. Keep clicking away, the rest will come! (HUGS)

Cheryl said...

Alyssa looks beautiful in her dress!! Love your other pictures, too and hearing all about your family!