Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday T ! and some random things too.

Today is buddy boy's Birthday, 13 can you believe it? I called him this morning and I honestly thought my brother had answered the phone, but it was T, he sounded like a man! This is the latest picture I have of him, not the best but it's from last week. I can't believe how fast these kids are growing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!!!
When Tyler was Little he use to call Dan, uncle D and we use to call Tyler little T. I was thinking about that today and so that is what the T is all about. It's not that I'm to lazy to type the yler.
I have a couple of layouts to share with you, but it's so gloomy today I can't get good enough lighting for a good picture of the layouts. I'll try to share them with you tomorrow.
If you know my family in real life, please sit down before reading as the next sentence may shock the socks off of you.

Are you sitting?

OKay read on, then.

I am off to buy a dress for Alyssa today! :0 Yes, a dress for Alyssa, her spring concert is tomorrow and she has agreed to wear a dress, and she is going to let me fix her hair up nice. Her hair is always in a pony tail, always. I can't wait to see my little hunter, soccer player, softball pitcher, tree climber, skate boarding little girl, in a dress.
Rebecca is still down for the count, with these damn chicken pox. I feel bad she has already missed a week of school, and today is the last monday of the school year. She isn't so upset about school, but missing her softball games has really bummed her out. Now my niece Rachel has them. Urggh, have I mentioned I hate chicken pox.
I am becoming more and more addicted to flickr. I love that sight. If you enjoy taking pictures or just looking at them, you have to check out flickr. I belong to 13 groups, and am having such a ball looking at all the amazing photos. Seriously, check it out, flickr rocks.

That is all that is rattling around between my ears today, I hope you have a totally chicken pox fee day.

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Chris said...

wow poor dd. I had chicken pox in 8th grade and it was not a good experience!