Saturday, September 13, 2008

She saw it!, she got them,and I signed up!

Last spring Rebecca, Brianna and I were lucky enough to see, what I thought at the time was a Great Horned Owl, land on the electric pole in our front yard. It was incredible. I had hoped that one day Dan and Alyssa would see it too. Alyssa loves owls, she has book upon book about owls and her grandmothers buy anything they find with owls on it for her. Her room is full of owls. She really loves owls. Well the Mr. Owl had made an appearance since that spring night. Until last night, I walked out into the kitchen to see this large bird land on the platform in the back, so I grabbed the binoculars and looked and sure enough it was the owl. Everyone got to see it this time. I was so excited for Alyssa. But she did inform me that it was a Long Eared Owl not a Great horned owl, her and Dan looked it up and sure enough she was right. I took quite a few pictures, trying to get a good shot, but we need a bigger lens.


Bex got her new glasses yesterday. Isn't she cute. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

I have been an fan of Natalie Roy for a while now. Her scrapbooking style is incredible, grungy and beautiful. Different and totally unique. I have often looked at her layouts and wondered how did she do that. I am so excited to tell you that she is teaching a technique class at Creative Scrappers and I have signed up for it.



Cheryl said...

That's so exciting about the owl - I love them too and we used to have a "resident owl". It was such a comfort to hear it. They're really special.

Chris said...

way cool on catching a pic of the owl. Love the new glasses too!

jinxi said...

Arent owls so hauntingly amazing? We saw a Great Horned Owl once out on a road trip. I was so amazed and couldnt stop looking at it. Im so glad she got to see it.

Your chickie looks real cute in her new specks too! :)

Taryn said...

Oh how cool to see and photograph an owl!!!
The new glasses look lovely!
I'm taking Natalie's class too! Yay!!

Gina Hanson said...

How cool is that??? I'm glad you got a picture of it. Your DD's glasses are super cute too! :)