Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another snow day.

This morning my friend Tammy, who is a bus driver for NB schools text messaged me that there was now school! Yippee. The weather and the roads were awful last night so I figured school would be called off today. It was super cold today, so the girls just stayed in read, watched movies, and played. It was a very relaxed day. The way life has been lately I think we all needed it.

Here are some layouts I forgot to share with you.


I love that picture of Dan and his mom. It was taken on our summer vacation. We were on the glass bottom boat ship wreck tour. I just remember looking at them and noticing their reflection in the window, and thinking that would make a great picture. Here is a better look at it.

Swing This isn't my best layout, but I was in a rut and forced myself to scrap.


M@risk@ said...

The swing layout is COOL! Well done.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Oh I think you did a great job! And that photo is GREAT!!!!
I LOVE that layout as well!

Im glad you all enjoyed your snow day. I keep thinking if we had a lil snow maybe Id feel more Christmas-y!

Gina said...

Love that first pic Angie, and I'm sure the girls were thrilled that there was no school! And such wonderful LO's!