Sunday, January 4, 2009

A contest, a reveal, and catching up.

Have you been over to Page Plans yet today? If not, you have got to get over there. You will not believe the awesome contest they are having. You will definitely want to get in on a chance to will the prize.


While you are over at Page Plans check out the awesome LO sketch Lesli created, and the cool card sketch Renee' created for this weeks reveal. Here is my take on Lesli's sketch.

Chris and Lesli, the owners of Page Plans email us the sketches. I always love getting my email and being inspired by the sketches. I have a Page Plans folder in my computer that I save the sketches to and when I start to create my layouts, I open the sketch I'm working on and have it up on my screen. This week, our power was out, so I did the layout from memory. I had that picture of Alyssa picked out and I had used my Cricut Expression (I'm still totally geeked that Dan got me that for Christmas.) the day after Christmas to cut out a bunch of apples of different sizes, and the title. So I had them all set for a layout and was able to use them for this layout.

Also because our power has been on and off, I wasn't able to post last weeks Page Plans Reveal. Here is the layout I did based on last weeks sketch by Chris.

I was also the GDT for Creative Scrappers last week. I love Creative Scrappers and was so excited to be the GDT. Here is the layout I did based on Creative Scrappers week 32 sketch by Day.


It's back to reality tomorrow, Dan goes back to work. The girls go back to school (I hope). We are getting some rain right now and if it freezes then the roads will be a slippery mess. Speaking of rain...

This is what the west side of our property looked like last week.

That's Dan going to rescue our canoe, that had floated away.

This is what the same part of our property looked like yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by.


Margee' said...

Looks so cold!
It's been cold here in Eastern WA to! I'm tired of snow!
Can you tell I'm a California girl?

Deb said...

OMG that flooding is awful! That is an awesome giveaway at Page Plans! I might have to give that a try! Love the pages you posted!

Lesli said...

Your LO's are lovely - you did an awesome job going from memory!

Gina said...

Oh may . . . I'm sick of Winter weather now and we still have at least another month of this. It snowed again last night, was expecting at least a delay this morning for school, but nothing yet! Have a great day Angie! :)

Great LO's as usual!

Kristen said...

The apple of my eye layout is just so sweet and beautiful! IS the Cricut just so much fun! I love mine. I love the other layouts too. Everything is just so gorgeous! I hope the floods have subsided there and that you didn't have any major damage. And I'm glad the power is back on for you too.

Tam, I am said...

brrrrr! Looks very very cold!!!

Love Love Love your layouts! And omg, your girls, I swear they get prettier and prettier every day!!!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Thats a lot of wet yuck!

Your layouts are fabulous Angie!!!