Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My review of The Shack.

I have finally finished reading The Shack . It is an amazing amazing book. Yes it warrants 2 amazings and probably more. I read it because my dear friend Taryn said it is a life changing book and she is so right. I won't reveal the plot, I hate book reviews that reveal the whole book to you, but I will tell you that it will make you cry and it will make you laugh. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The Shack is about God, with out being religious, or preachy. I know some people have an issue with God appearing as an African American Woman, what gets me, is that the people that have an issue with that are some of the most religious people I know. I was raised Catholic and in Church aren't we taught that God can do anything. So what is the problem, why would God not appear as an African American Woman?

This book really touched me deeply. But I was going to keep that to myself, I was going to maybe do a post about the book something short -Read The Shack it good- But yesterday I went into work and my friend Fran was working with me. It's always a treat to work with Fran, her and I share the same views on so many things. And she had just read The Shack and she had this light in her as we talked about it. The book touched her so deep, and she read it because of what I had said about it. Fran is making a list of people to share this book with, I'm a little less giving, you'll have to get your own copy. I'm keeping mine. I saw how this wonderful book affected Fran and so I decided maybe I can convince some other people to read it.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I think I will.. and I think if you think maybe I should get it for my Mom for Mothers Day?.. Ive been searching and she loves to read. So this may be a good book to grab her and reel her back in.

I love your review and will definitely go and get it. :)

Taryn Lopshire said...

Excellent! I'm thinking it may be about time for me to read it again!