Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homerun !!

Thursday night I came home from work, and as usual got the play by play of the days softball games. A girl on the team Dan coaches broke her leg earlier this season and Dan put Rebecca on his team to fill her spot. Here is the story I came home to as told by Dan...

"The bases were loaded, we were down by 3, Rebecca was last at bat. Rebecca hit a homerun and won the game."

Here it is as told by Rebecca..."I got a homerun and won the game. I was last to bat, then I had to go over to the other field, and my team was first at bat, and my coach said I saw that hit you made for the other team Becca, I want to see you do that again."

I guess the coach of the other team got really mad. He didn't believe that Rebecca was only 11 or 12, which is the age group for the team Dan coaches. When he found out that she is only 10, he was still mad but he shut up and resorted to kicking and throwing things.

We were so proud. But you know we are her parents so that's to be expected. But then when we went to Alyssa's fast pitch tournament this weekend. And some of the other parents and coaches were coming up to her telling her what an awesome play that was. If they weren't there they would say that they had heard about her awesome hit. It was a really good confidence booster for my shy little girl.

Alyssa's fast pitch tournament team, the "Lightning" played their last tournament of the season, this past weekend. It was in Frankenmuth. The girls did a good job, they held their own against one of the toughest teams out there. In the end they lost 3 games and won one. The girls played really well. I am especially happy that they won the last game, the team we played were very poor sports. The pitcher was hitting with the ball and laughing. They were taunting our pitcher, even though there was a no taunting rule, the umps refused to enforce it. In the end I think our girls just got pissed and decided to kick butt, and that is exactly what they did. We (the parents) got a little pissed too, and cheered as loud as we could to drown out the taunting of the other team.

Dan has been taking pictures of the team all season and has really got some awesome pictures. I can't post this without mentioning Big Vic's awesome fly to third base, Dan got a shot of her 100% air born as she leaped to third to get there before the other teams third baseman. I would love to post that picture here, but I don't have her parents permission. Your going to have to trust me, it was an awesome play and an awesome picture.

Here are a couple of pictures Dan caught of Alyssa. Doing what she loves to do, stealing bases. She gets into some trouble for it tho, because she doesn't listen to her base coaches, if she thinks she can make it, she goes. (She usually makes it, but when she doesn't she gets into trouble.).

I have Monday off, so I can go Alyssa's and Rebecca's summer rec. games. So I will probably have more pictures to add. I am going to try and get some scrapping done too.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow that game was intense..
congrats to your girls.. Id be so proud too!