Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Lightning team had a tournament in Frankenmuth last weekend. It was a blast. Last year we got up at 4am to get ready and get to Frankenmuth by 7am both mornings. This year we stayed at the Bavarian Inn. Which made it so much nicer, especially because the girls had such a busy schedule. 1 game Friday evening and 3 games Saturday. As always Dan took some amazing pictures of the games, and I took some mediocre pictures of the team having fun and doing what these wonderful fun loving girls do in there down time (when they are staying in a hotel with 5 pools and an arcade). I don't usually share a lot of Dan's photos because they are his and he really isn't into sharing his work, which is such a shame he really rocks the camera. BUT this one is my favorite. Even though Alyssa ate about two pounds of dust, when she slid into home.
And this is Rebecca's awesome double.(also shot by Dan)

Dan got so many great shots of the team, I can't wait to hand out the CD's to all the parents.
Now for my mediocre shots. These were all taken at the Inn.

The Lightning team families always have fun when we get together for a little R&R. Bree and Ash rocked out at karaoke.

The dads even got in on the fun, Dan and Steve rocked the Nascar game.

How many softball players can you fit into one photo booth? 3 softball players, one little sister and one big brothers. LOL.

This was the last tournament for NB Lightning now begins the All Star season.

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